Current Standings and Future Goals

Aquatic Specialties-New Hampshire
We just finished a Living Social promotion last week. We have tried Groupon in the past but the closest city is Boston and it was not beneficial. I am pretty happy that we sold 55 coupons (still trying to convince people we swim in New Hampshire in the winter). Everyone has to be in lessons before the end of school so we do not give away our prime time pool slots to a discount. Four new people started last week and they all bought swim diapers and 3 more are starting this week. So things are looking pretty cool.

My goals for this summer... Double our numbers that we did last year. I know that is lofty... but... we had zero march we have plenty of room to grow.
We also have 3 people teaching now instead of just me!

ASCUBA Venture-Corpus Christi, Tx
We started our program on March 1st, and now have 25 active swimmers in 15 different classes. I know we will have at least another 12-15 due to come in very soon, due to our sales of the Groupon which was 39 in total.

We are also sending out a Swim Flyer to a school this next week that should help generate some more swimmers! :-)

I also have 4-5 swim teachers getting ready to be trained, which will certainly help with trying to schedule more then one class at the same time.

The Swim School Austin
Right now our numbers are at 91 students with 65% enrollment. We plan on opening up Sunday lessons to create more time for swim lessons, running swim camps in the summer, running specials and deals, and doing week long swim lessons June-August from noon to three where the swimmers go every day for one week. Our jump week is happening next week as well! We are also trying to implement more deck managers for our classes, as they get more busy and need some organization!

The Swim School Shreveport has met and exceeded our goals for February and March. March's goals were met just 12 days into the month. We have since set an even higher goal! Our initial goal was for 751 swimmers. That was met the morning or March 12th. We are at 82% enrollment. Our new goal is 775!

We are also conducting 6 Spring Break mini camps the last week in March. Our swim team also has 70 swimmers enrolled! Our largest team yet! We will be having our first Swim Team fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings Wednesday March 14th and 20% of all sales who mention The Swim School, will go to us!