February Dealer's Buzz

What are you doing to boost your income in the Winter months?

Camp SOS (Splash On Safety) is a great way to introduce new families to your facility and generate some additional income. Camp sessions are one week long, held from 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. each day. Each session has a theme it follows to coordinate books, activities, arts and crafts, snacks, and games. Sample themes are "Pirates"," Luau Fun", Sea Life, Dolphins, and Dinosaurs. The morning begins with thirty minutes of supervised play time in the pool, followed by a forty five minute swim lesson. After lessons and changing into dry clothing, the campers return to the camp room for snacks, stories, arts and crafts, games, and preparing for dismissal. The cost for a currently enrolled swimmer is $175 per week, while the cost for a non-enrolled swimmer is $200 plus $25 registration fee. Another option is to hold "mini-camp" sessions during school holidays and breaks. These are half day camps. These are daily sessions in the morning and afternoon when the facility is normally closed. The daily schedule is the same as the summer camp sessions and the fees are $40 per session for TSS swimmers and $50 per session plus a $15 registration for non-enrolled swimmers. You should have a Camp Director and an Assistant for the "dry" part of the session and two SSI certified Level One swim teachers to conduct the camp. Extremely successful! We have already began booking for the Summer camps!

Way To Go The Swim School of Boulder!
Check out www.oceanfirstdivers.com and see what our latest swim school is up to! They have caught the "dream" and are running with it! Way to go guys!

Are you registered online with Jackrabbit? Be sure to include who referred you! MC says forums are a big success!

Do you supply plastic bags for your swimmer's wet clothes? Ask the parents to bring them this way you won't have to buy them and you can just continue recycling them!