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Aquatic Specialties-New Hampshire
We just finished a Living Social promotion last week. We have tried Groupon in the past but the closest city is Boston and it was not beneficial. I am pretty happy that we sold 55 coupons (still trying to convince people we swim in New Hampshire in the winter). Everyone has to be in lessons before the end of school so we do not give away our prime time pool slots to a discount. Four new people started last week and they all bought swim diapers and 3 more are starting this week. So things are looking pretty cool.

February Dealer's Buzz

What are you doing to boost your income in the Winter months?

Swim Schools of Corpus Christi

Connie Arthur from ASCUBA VENTURE in Corpus Christi, Texas was one of the last SwimSSI candidates in 2011. She came to Shreveport with a thorough background in competitive swimming.

“As you know, we are in the very beginning stages of getting our swim school up and running, but here is what we are doing to get things going.

Jump Week

“More than one state saw a record number of drownings during the 2011 pool season, according to reports, and a recent survey indicates Americans’ ability to swim remains distressingly low. Now experts are looking at what more can be done to turn both those stats around. More than 1,500 were lost to drowning between May 1 and Aug. 26,” according to tracked media reports prepared by Mick Nelson of USA Swimming. Drowning is becoming an epidemic around the world and there is something we can do about it!

Ad Tracking

Every time you answer your phone and speak to a potential customer, the first thing to ask is, “How did you hear about us?” A simple way to keep track of new business is by using this telephone tracking sheet. Include every mode of advertising on this sheet that you use in your facility, whether it is a referral, attending a birthday party, yard signs or a local parenting magazine, and have your staff ask and track how the new customer has heard about your swim school. Record it on this sheet and tally it up every week.

Swim Schools International Medallions Now Available

Has your facility started to implement the new Swim Schools International (SSI) promotion medallions? The Swim School-Shreveport began rewarding their swimmers for promoting to the next level with these colorful medallions! On their first promotion, they receive an SSI carabiner and a medallion for the level completed. After the initial promotion, they will receive a new medallion to add to their carabiner. These are easy to show off at any time, and dramatically reduce the personnel hours of making certificates.

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