Apply To Become An Authorized SSI Swim Center

Please download and complete the attached forms below to be considered to become a Swim Schools International Authorized Dealer. We need BOTH the Authorized Dealer Agreement and the Dealer Application to be sent back to us for processing, please.

The Process:
First - print & fill out both of the forms attached below. You may either email them to or fax them to 970-482-6157. Be sure to fill out everything.

CSI Application For Authorized Dealership

Once approved, you have two options to move forward:
1) Locating your closest Teacher Training Center and working out training schedules with them to train your teachers or
2) Beginning down the path to become a Teacher Training Center by having your own Swim Teacher Trainer on staff.

If you've chosen option #2, your next step is to order a Swim Trainer Candidate training kit and schedule your training session. Training takes 8 days on-site at one of our Regional Training Centers. Contact us to find out what dates are available and we'll get you signed up for the most convenient time and location we can.

We'll then send you a Swim Teacher Trainer Candidate Manual (digitally provided on CD) along with an answer sheet for the home-study questions in the manual. Your Trainer Candidate will need to read the manual and answer the questions prior to arrival for training. Additionally you'll receive a letter of specifics regarding your training session, including a reasonably priced and convenient hotel for your stay, dates and times of training, and contacts at your Regional Training Center.

While that home study is going on, your Trainer Binder containing the Trainer Manuals, teaching slates, training slates and training record will be sent directly to the Regional Training Center to meet you upon your Trainer Candidate's arrival.

Once you Trainer returns from training as a Certified Swim Teacher Trainer, they are able to begin teaching swimming to your customers at any level of our program you'd like to offer. Most schools start small in the very beginning and grow quickly as the program develops, so having this Trainer on your staff means you can train and add Certified Swim Teachers at any point to meet your needs.

Each incoming teacher you wish to certify will need their own Swim Teacher Home Study Kit for the level they wish to teach. Our two points of entry are either 1) Baby & Me Swim Teacher, which offers teaching for infants and toddlers ages 6 months through 35 months, or as 2) Level 1 Swim Teacher, which offers teaching for ages 3 years old through 17.

The home study kits for Baby & Me Swim Teacher, Level 1 Swim Teacher, Level 2 Swim Teacher and Adult Swim Teacher are available as digital manuals provided on CD, and includes an answer booklet and a training record if required. An already certified teacher only needs the home study manual and answer booklet, as their previous training record is built to accommodate training through all of the Swim Teacher certification levels.

Do you still have questions about the basic startup process not addressed here? Please call us at 970-491-9730 and let us know how we can help you.